Top 3 Bowling Balls for Medium to Dry Lanes [Reviewed in 2022]

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If you are a bowling enthusiast, you would probably know that the right equipment is needed if you want to enjoy the sport all the more.

The bowling ball is where everything begins. Just like is the case with a baseball pitcher and a baseball, a good bowling ball can make a big difference to your game.

For instance, the type of ball you are using can have an impact on your game whether you are a novice or a pro.

How can you determine which bowling ball choice is best for you?

We have you covered. If you want to find the right ball, all you need to do is read our review on the 3 best bowling balls available right now for bowling on medium lanes.

Counter Attack Pearl Red 12lbBest OverallCounter Attack Pearl Red 12lb
Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane 13lb Bowling BallBudget PickHammer Purple Pearl Urethane 13lb Bowling Ball
Storm Fever Pitch 15lbsUpgrade PickStorm Fever Pitch 15lbs

1. Counter Attack Pearl Red 12lb

Our rating: 8 / 10

Counter Attack Pearl Red 12lb

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  • Excellent performance all over the lane
  • Great price for a high-quality option
  • Few changes have been made to the core design so that the ball continues to reach the pins
  • Provides decent hook


  • Ball comes undrilled with no holes
  • Bowlers rarely buy this ball so no comments can be found on its performance

This bowling ball by the Counter Attack brand is the best bang for your buck and offers great performance across a range of medium to dry lane conditions. It features an above-average hook for prolonged play on some challenging medium-to-dry lanes, something that people value a lot.

2. Storm Fever Pitch 15lbs

Our rating: 6 / 10

Storm Fever Pitch 15lbs

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  • Very durable
  • Attractive shocking orange color
  • Corners better than any other ball in the pitch range
  • New precise core dynamics and innovative cover


  • Very bright orange color can be seen as a negative aspect for many
  • Weight distribution is not perfect

The Storm Fever Pitch 15lb ball is particularly useful if you're looking to become a better bowler. It should be noted that it's a little harder to get a good spin on this ball compared to other 15lb balls. However, this ball works well when bowling on medium to dry lanes.

Caution should be taken as the Storm Fever Pitch 15lb ball is not the perfect ball for heavy oil.

3. Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane 13lb Bowling Ball

Our rating: 6 / 10

Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane 13lb Bowling Ball

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  • Unique bowling ball design (despite other brands trying to replicate this ball, it can't be replicated)
  • Two years warranty from purchase date
  • Urethane coverstock
  • Outstanding durability and performance


  • Not ideal for bowling on heavy oil lanes
  • May be expensive for some

This bowling ball made a comeback due to popular demand. It has an outside of purple pearl, and it just looks beautiful.

This ball also has a urethane Coverstock. The ball has precise control on light to medium oil.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What bowling ball is best for dry lanes?

If you’re new to the sport, you may be wondering how to choose the right ball for your playing style, especially if you play on a lane that tends to be dry.

You need to consider the following factors:

  • Sizing (a ball that’s too heavy for your abilities won’t roll far down the lane)
  • the weight of the ball (getting it too light by removing weight plugs can result in a ball that flies too high, too, which is never good)
  • You must remember that the choice of bowling ball is primarily based on trial and error.

Some experts suggest that it’s best to play with a plastic ball on dry lanes because it produces a longer, straighter shot with less bounce. (This is a good fit for beginners.) Advanced bowlers, on the other hand, tend to prefer metal bowling balls even on lanes that are less than ideal because they maximize the hook potential that is usually available on these lanes.

What is a good bowling ball for medium oil lanes?

When choosing a bowling ball, consider the lane conditions you’ll be bowling on most. If you bowl on a medium oil lane, look for a bowling ball with a 15-16 pound back ends and a 65-grit to 80-grit cover.

Medium oil lanes are ideal for medium speed players. Someone with a light speed of 16 or more should use a bowling ball with a 16-18 pound back end and a 75-grit to 85-grit cover. If you bowl with a medium speed of between 14 and 15, your ideal bowling ball will be between 14 to 13 pounds back end and with either a 70 or 80-grit cover.

You can choose a bowling ball like the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane 13lb bowling ball.

What is the best bowling ball on the market right now?

Buying a new bowling ball can be a tricky thing. Factors like the lanes you typically play on, your level of skill, and your price point can all affect what’s the best ball for you. So we went out and reviewed a ton of bowling balls to come up with a top 3 list of the best bowling balls for medium to dry lanes.

Any one of these mentioned bowling balls could work best for you.

How can you tell if a bowling lane is dry?

The lanes at your local bowling alley can often be dry. This is sometimes due to the type of material used on those specific lanes.

The most commonly used material on a bowling lane is called AMF. This material is a very porous, resin based material. It is fairly cheap to manufacture and install. It’s very serviceable and very durable, but it’s also very porous. If you add moisture to this type of surface, it will absorb the fluid and then slowly evaporate it off the surface.

To keep the ball rolling true across the lane, the floor needs to be kept dry. Loose, recycled material is sometimes used to create a moisture barrier on top of the lane. That’s why you may notice perfectly stone dry lanes in the morning which turn into wet ones later on.


These balls mentioned are some of the most popular and best-reviewed in the United States. Their high ratings and sales numbers are based on performance, durability, quality of construction, and price. All these balls are best when they are bowled on medium oil lanes. Always remember that the best ball for you is the one that suits your unique playing style.

Our Recommendation

Counter Attack Pearl Red 12lbBest OverallCounter Attack Pearl Red 12lb
Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane 13lb Bowling BallBudget PickHammer Purple Pearl Urethane 13lb Bowling Ball
Storm Fever Pitch 15lbsUpgrade PickStorm Fever Pitch 15lbs