How To Clean A Bowling Ball At Home: 4 Easy Steps

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4 Steps For How To Clean A Bowling Ball At Home

Bowling balls are made of urethane, plastic, and polyester resin. Due to the materials that make up bowling balls, all of them are relatively easy to clean. The best way to clean a bowling ball is to invest in a good bowling ball cleaner so that you can use it to ensure you clean your bowling balls well.

But if you do not have a bowling ball cleaner, we’ve got you covered. To make a homemade bowling ball cleaner, get yourself a bottle of alcohol, Simple Green, and water. Mix together all the above mentioned ingredients, dip a cloth in the mixture and wipe the ball. The dirt will come off easily.

If the dirt is just on the surface of the ball, and there are no cracks or scratches, you can use a microfibre cloth after using a natural solution so that the microfibre cloth can soak up the excess moisture.

Using a damp microfiber cloth after cleaning the bowling ball will be great to bring out the ball's shine.

If your ball has scratches, cracks, or nicks, and there is no way you can clean it up at home, it is best to contact a professional immediately. A local pro shop can help you solve this problem efficiently.

Can You Use Windex To Clean A Bowling Ball?

Whether you are a professional bowler or a recreational bowler, it is very essential to take care of your bowling ball:

  • Keeping your bowling ball clean will extend its lifespan
  • A clean ball always performs better than an oily ball.

Cleaning your bowling ball has always been a concern but not anymore because now there are ways and products that you can effectively use to clean a bowling ball. Windex has been approved as a bowling ball cleaner and many pro bowlers use Windex to get rid of dirt and muck from the bowling ball. It is believed that along with Windex, ammonia can be used to clean the surface of your bowling ball too.

While you can use Windex to clean the surface of your bowling ball, dryer sheets are not recommended to be used on a bowling ball to wipe it. Dryer sheets are used to improve static control of clothing and your bowling ball gets static while it is sliding on the lane or getting ready to release your ball for a perfect strike. Steer clear of dryer sheets.

If you cannot get your hand on some Windex to clean your ball or if you want to reduce the static on your ball, use baby shampoo. Remember Windex is good for cleaning the dirt off your bowling ball, however, it is never recommended to use Windex to get the oil off the ball.

When cleaning your bowling ball, the best thing that you can do is to start at the top of your bowling ball and work your way to the bottom.

Learn more about how to clean a bowling ball.

How Do I Clean The Finger Holes In My Bowling Ball?

To clean the finger holes, start off by taping the finger holes of the ball with waterproof tape. You could do much damage to the finger holes of the ball if you do not tape them and soak the finger holes in liquid cleaner.

For this process, proceed to soak the bowling ball in water, in a large bowl filled with warm water and a small amount of mild detergent or cleaner. Leave the bowling ball in the water for a good few minutes. While some people suggest leaving the ball in the water overnight, 30 minutes of soaking time is enough and by this time the oil will be lifted from the ball.

Make sure that you wipe off the bowling ball with a soft cloth until it is dry. You can use a soft toothbrush to scrub off any areas where dirt and debris may be stuck in the finger holes.

Run your fingers through the finger holes and the finger holes to get rid of any dirty and debris. After every bowling match, soak your bowling ball again and repeat as necessary.

How Often Should I Polish My Bowling Ball?

Tens of thousands of people use a cleaner, polish, or wax on their bowling balls every week. Keeping your ball clean and polished will definitely increase pin action.

And since it’s a regular part of your game, you should make sure that you know how to do it correctly. The frequency of your bowling ball cleaning and polishing will depend on your bowling style. You’ll probably have to clean it more regularly if you’re a regular bowling player or if your ball has collected much oil from the lanes.

If you’re a casual bowler who bowls socially, you can probably get away with bowling with the same ball for a couple of months before you polish it.

Thus far I have cleaned my bowling ball once in a two-month period.

Can You Use Acetone To Clean A Bowling Ball?

Acetone is the best nail polish remover so you would think it would be safe to use on your bowling ball as well.

Actually, Acetone is not the ideal homemade cleaner for your bowling ball. Use Acetone may harm the polyester on the coverstock of the bowling ball. There are milder homemade cleaning option that can be less dangerous to your bowling ball then Acetone.

If you feel homemade cleaner will do more damage than good, invest in a good bowling ball cleaner like the Lane Ghost Bowling Ball Cleaner Spray Kit

Closing Thoughts

Have you ever thought what causes your ball's performance to decline over time? Well, every time you go bowling, oil and dirt that can be found on the lanes gets into the coverstock and this is what cauases the ball to stop performing well. To ensure that your ball is always ready, always keep your bowling ball clean.