How to Clean A Bowling Ball with Homemade & Commercial Cleaners

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What Is In A Bowling Ball Cleaner?

When we look at the main ingredients in a commercial bowling ball cleaner, we find them to be very similar to the ingredients that we use when making homemade cleaner.

Regardless of whether you use commercial cleaners or homemade cleaners, the surface of the bowling ball must be thoroughly cleaned prior to soaking the ball in any type of cleaner. The truth is that if you soak the bowling ball in cleaner for longer than 20 minutes, the ball will warp.

The reason we soak the ball in cleaner for a little while is to get all of the junk and build-up off the surface of the bowling ball prior to beginning the more thorough cleaning process. If the surface of the ball isn’t cleaned first, the cleaner will only clean the surface of the ball.

The ingredients found in most commercial cleaners and homemade cleaners are almost the same. Ingredients include various types of solvents such as alcohol, mineral spirits, waxes, lubricants, and water.

The main difference, however, between home and commercial cleaners is the way in which the oil reacts to the wax.

One of the main ingredients in a commercial cleaner is 100% carnauba wax. This isn’t a waxy substance; it’s actually the resin from a specific plant that is native to Brazil.

This type of wax isn’t found in a homemade cleaner, but despite not having carnauba wax homemade cleaners produce results that are is similar to that of a commercial cleaner. The more you use both commercial and homemade cleaner, the easier it will be to tell the difference between the two types of cleaners.

5 of the Best Bowling Ball Cleaners

Bowling balls get dirty very quickly. They probably get the dirtiest comparatively to all other sports equipment. The dirt on the bowling ball can be mainly attributed to the oil that is used to assist to ball when it is spinning so that the friction is reduced and so that it can spin for longer. The oil that is used also builds up on the ball quickly.

Oil is also used as a lubricant on the ball. The oil also has a tendency to build up a lot of dirt and residue on the ball.

It is a good idea to clean your ball on a daily basis to maintain it and to make sure it stays in good condition. The best time to clean a bowling ball is after you have used it for bowling and before you store it away for later use.

Some people do not get around to cleaning their bowling balls and this can lead to the ball becoming damaged. A dirty ball cannot be restored to its original condition. Aside from being unable to be restored to its original condition, a dirty ball is not as functional as a clean ball.

There are several options available to you if you are looking to clean your bowling ball.

1) Monster Tac Bowling Ball Cleaner

Monsters Tac gives your bowling ball a great clean without hurting your wallet. It's a great cleaner at a great price.

All you have to do is spray it on and you are good to go. It'll help to remove any type of dirt, grime, oil and oil residue for a deep and thorough clean.

Use a soft cloth to scrub on the surface of the ball to avoid scratching the ball.

2) That Purple Stuff Bowling Ball Cleaner

I found this stuff at a local plumbing supply store. It is a homemade product. Apparently when you mix water and oxy/acetone in a glass bottle the resulting reaction makes an acidic cleaning agent.

Use this bottle of purple juice to spray on your dirty bowling ball. Do not get any of the purple stuff heated up as the bottle may burst. Also, wear latex gloves and a form of eye protection when cleaning with That Purple Stuff Bowling Ball Cleaner as when this stuff hits your skin, it burns and may cause damage.

Wait for it liquid to dry and then polish the ball with a soft towel followed by a final polish with a bowling ball polisher.

You can get the same results by using isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).

However, beware that you do not use rubbing alcohol without denaturing agents in it.

Alcohol that does not contain denaturing agents can be highly flammable. Plus alocohol without denaturing agents can do much harm to your bowling ball’s finish.

3) Vise Bowling Ball Cleaner

Vise is one of the biggest names on the bowling ball cleaner market. I leave my ball in the vise for shorter periods of time before using polish on the ball thereafter. However, there are some bowlers who prefer to keep their entire ball in the vise for long periods of time to ensure that it keeps it’s original shape. This is fine as long as there is enough oil in the ball to prevent the ball and the Ergoline from wearing out. When exposing your ball to vise for longer, consider keeping the ball in a bag in a dark dry place when you want to store it.

4) Storm Bowling Products Reacta Shine Bowling Ball Cleaner

This is an example of a cleaner that is highly-rated among beginner bowlers and professionals. It comes in a large, 32-ounce spray can with a two-year shelf life.

It is said to be flexible and easily adjustable to all different bowling balls.

This cleaner is also said to get rid of grime and residue as well as leaves your ball with a finish comparable to those found in professional settings.

It really doesn’t take much effort to get the bowling ball’s surface clean and shiny when you are using a product like this. All you have to do is spray the cleaner onto the ball and wipe it with a microfiber towel to remove all the dirt.

It is important to note, however, that this cleaner is not recommended when it comes to cleaning a ball that has a heavy oil buildup.

It will take a bit more time and effort to get the ball to be clean and shiny when the ball has a heavy oil buildup already.

5) Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner

Tac Up is a commercial solution that has the same consistency as paint thinner.

This solution is very effective at removing fresh and stubborn marks from the ball. Apply a small amount of the Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner to a clean cloth and wipe the surface of the ball in circular motions. The excess cleaner will absorb into the cloth. If you notice that the ball is still dirty, repeat the process.

DIY Homemade Bowling Ball Cleaner Instructions

You can easily create your homemade bowling ball cleaner from your normal household items. In a spray bottle, mix the following substances: half cup rubbing alcohol andhalf cup water

When you are ready to use your homemade cleaner, simply pour in the contents of the spray bottle into a bowl.

Once the ingredients are mixed, pour the contents into a spray bottle.

There are other home made cleaners that you can make as well.

Bowling Ball Cleaner Ingredients

For this homemade ball cleaner recipe you are going to need Dawn dish washing liquid, water, rubbing Alcohol, soap, a degreaser, a bowl and a sponge.

Now that we have all of that we are going to need to fill up the bowl with some hot water and add a little dish washing liquid.The bottle that I have has one part Dawn dish washing liquid and 4 parts tap water.

The reason for this amount of Dawn dish washing liquid is that if you leave that in there the soap helps to break down the really tall oil and that type of stuff that will be on your ball.

Using a dishwasher

Using a dishwasher on your bowling ball is super simple. Just stick your ball in a plastic bag first and make sure that it doesn’t touch the sides or other items in the dishwasher. Do not use the top rack to wash a ball as it may fall out and get damaged or lost.

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