How To Throw A Bowling Ball Hook

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5 Steps For How To Throw A Bowling Ball Hook

If you are a professional athlete or a serious amateur, then I would suggest that you should look into getting a bowling coach. A bowling coach will be able to guide you as to what tips and trick you can use to knock down many pins. If you are a beginner bowler, you can try the following step-by-step process to throw a hook.

You need to remember that a change in the way you hook the ball can make a big difference. Hooking the ball is all about concentrating on your form. Once you’ve practiced hooking the ball a couple of times you’ll probably be ready.

Here are the 5 steps to ensure you hook the ball properly"

  • Stand with your right shoulder in line with the pins, keep your feet pointing forward and have a similar stance and starting position for your usual delivery. Always remain focused on the target.
  • Make sure to keep your ball in line with the pins. Eventually you can skip this step when you become a pro at hooking the ball
  • Hold your fingers straight and with your arm swing the ball backwards. Make sure to keep the ball parallel to your ankles when you perform this step.
  • Your elbow should be close to your body. Then swing your arm forward and towards the left side. Continue to turn your upper torso to the left keeping your eyes to the pins
  • Upon release, rotate your fingers around the side of the ball so that your palm is directly underneath the ball.

The most important tip here is to concentrate on a smooth and consistent spiral motion when releasing the ball. If you go too fast or too slow during release, then you will mess up the move so be smooth.

You should be practicing on an empty lane, to ensure you perfect the hook. You need to practice on some set pins in order to understand how to hook a bowling ball.

How Do You Keep Your Hand Under Your Bowling Ball?

If you have ever tried bowling, you know that ball placement is extremely important. A clean ball is always easier to hook.

When I bowl, I like having my hand under the ball to take the weight off my wrist. To do this move start by placing your palm underneath the ball when you want to drop the ball after your backswing. This will allow you to use your fingers to tilt the ball into the desired hook.

How Else Do You Keep Your Hand Under Your Bowling Ball?

A hook is always performed by placing your hand under the ball. It is important to keep your hand under the ball when you throw it. A hook is made by twisting the wrist and the hand when you let your ball go. This is an essential step. When your arm has swung back, rotate this bowling hand to the opposite side of your body to get your hand to the side of the ball.

Learn more by reading Bowling For Dummies.

How Do You Curve A Bowling Ball With Two Fingers?

We often hear the term bowling ball hook thrown around when coaches talk about what a bowler needs to master to become an elite level bowler.

A hook is a type of curve on a bowling ball that allows the ball to flex unevenly as it travels near the lane causing the ball to curve sharply towards the left or to the right depending on the direction it is bowled.

It is quite rare for a bowler to bowl a ball without hooking it one way or another.

Some hook techniques are more visible than others and the ability of a bowler to hook the ball is what separates an average bowler from an excellent bowler.

The two fingered hook is most definitely the hook to use if you want to throw a ball that moves straight down the lane and deliver a high scoring shot.

To master this particular hook, you need to use your fingers to hook the ball. The hook is created by the fingers while they are placed on the ball.

Place your fingers on the side of the bowling ball. Remember to place the ball between the thumb and the index finger.

Get your fingers really close to each other until they’re touching. Try to feel the holes of the ball. Keeping your fingers close to each other, get them on the holes. These are the holes that are drilled through the ball from one side to the other.

What Is The Best Weight For A Bowling Ball?

The answer to that question lies with your skill level. Most bowling professionals will switch to a heavier bowling ball when they start improving upon their bowling skills.

A heavier ball will increase the ball’s momentum so the lane oil doesn’t have a negative effect on your game.

You definitely want to stick to a ball that fits your bowling style well. If you’re a beginner, look for a bowling ball that is 12-17 pounds (some say 14 pounds is the best for learning, but I’ve played with 14 and 15-pound balls upon my first try). Any ball size that is heavier may be difficult to bowl with.

When looking for the best bowling ball for you perhaps consider one of the balls in the Brunswick range. The Brunswick T-Zone Deep Space Bowling Ball is a great choice!

Closing Thoughts

Mastering any motion is a matter of slowing down, looking for symmetry, and learning to listen to your body for the cues.

After spending more than a decade studying and throwing a hook, I’d say that the key to hooking is not forcing yourself to hook. The best bowling hooks come from bowlers who don’t try to hook, they just hook.

To hook is to perfectly synchronize the natural motions of your body, your bowling ball, and the lane surface into one fluid motion and letting the three fundamentals work together in unison.

After a few weeks or months of practice, you’ll master your bowling technique and begin to feel a deep internal sense of satisfaction that cannot be matched by any other sensation in life.